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I am a daughter of God, wife to a fantastic husband, mother of four enjoyable boys, entrepreneur, Elder, Praise and Worship Leader, Family Consultant, Certified Life Coach, and educator. 

I listed many roles, but each role has given me the experience, wisdom, and knowledge needed so I can help others successfully navigate their journeys of marriage, motherhood, and kingdom purpose.


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Here's the whole story: 

Many of my friends call me "Kells," and I am a native of Cleveland, Ohio. I moved to Orlando, Florida, with my family during high school. After completing high school, I continued my love of learning by receiving a Bachelor's of Science in Music Education from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, a Master's of Art in Christian Studies from Luther Rice Seminary, a Master's of Art in Teaching, and Learning with a concentration in Educational Leadership from Liberty University, and a Life Coach Certification from Universal Coach Institute. I am also a Kingdom School of Ministry graduate founded by Dr. Cindy Trimm. 
My passion for helping others started at an early age. This passion ignited my desire to become a teacher. As an educator, I have had many roles as a Music Teacher, Testing Coordinator, Dean, Parent Resource Teacher, and currently a SAFE Coordinator (working with students who self-harm, have suicidal ideations, depression, anxiety, and other forms of trauma). In addition, I have had the privilege to help students and parents from the elementary, middle, and high school ranges.

Why do you want to help people in the Kingdom of God? 

God has granted me the opportunity to minister to many through playing the piano, singing, dancing, praying, and teaching the word of God. As I’ve used each gift He has given me, I have had the privilege to usher people into the presence of God and/or provide clarity to their kingdom purpose through accurate interpretation of the Bible. Serving God and helping others understand the Kingdom makes me excited! God changed my life, and I know He can change yours.

I take much pride in being a daughter of God. As far back as I can remember, I had a strong desire to be used by God. As a young girl, I would tell God, “You can use me!”. Being born and raised in the church allowed me to learn about Him, but it was not until I learned the importance of having a personal relationship with Him that my life truly changed. I had such an eagerness to learn more about Him that I enrolled in seminary and other educational opportunities beyond the church setting to build my capacity on His greatness and the Kingdom of God.


Why do you want to help wives?

I had to face the harsh reality that I was not as good of a wife seven years into my marriage as I thought I was. My husband and I met some challenges, but I was determined never to give up. I was eager to find like-minded women to talk to for advice. Unfortunately, some of the women I spoke to were not transparent, while others did not have helpful advice. Sometimes, women would direct me to scriptures from the Bible or tell me to pray about my marriage. I believe in the power of prayer, but I also knew I must combine my faith with work.

I longed for someone to be transparent, non-judgmental, and able to teach me how to combine practical relationship skills with biblical principles. Unfortunately, I never found that person. Those feelings pushed me to do whatever it was going to take to create a thriving marriage. I started a journey with God that changed my life and my marriage! I never imagined that learning how to be a wife that resembled the love of God would draw me closer to God the way that it did. Once I created a thriving marriage, I wanted to help other women do the same.


Why do you want to help mothers?

As a mother of four boys, getting a grasp on motherhood was initially a challenge for me; however, I was fortunate to have a great example of what motherhood should look like from watching my mom. She was, and still is, loving, kind, compassionate, giving, and nurturing. My siblings and I have the BEST relationship with her. I have learned that this is not the case for everyone. Some women do not have a positive relationship with their mothers. Some women do not like the example that their mother set. Other women are simply trying their best to balance motherhood with their other responsibilities.

I learned how to meet the individual needs of my children, how to set appropriate boundaries, create systems, create balance, and guide them (as best as I can) on their kingdom journey. Most importantly, I built amazing and unique relationships with them. Simply stated, I love being a mom! Many women love being mothers, but they want and need non-judgmental support to guide them along the way. Being a good mom is not about being perfect; it is about being present. 

So wherever you are on your journey of life, I am here to let you know that you do not have to do it alone!

Will you allow me to join you? 

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