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Are you feeling uncertain about what God has in store for your life? Or perhaps you know what he has promised you, but you are still waiting to see it manifest in your life? Don't be discouraged, sis. God's promises are available to all His children. We must take action while waiting for them to come to fruition.


In Episodes 9 and 10 on Pursue HER Podcast and @KelleyJBell YouTube Channel, I have shared practical steps to help you minimize moments of frustration and defeat when life doesn't go as planned. This resource packet aligns with the steps shared in the episodes and provides you with a visible outline to create a strategy and plan as you prepare to receive God's promises and reach your goals.


Remember, your best days are still ahead of you, and I'm here to guide you on your journey toward them.


Let's get started!

Pursue HER Resource Packet

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