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Are you doing your part?

Some parents are trying to raise their children to be successful in society, love God, and be a positive representation of the Kingdom of God. Many parents love their children, but many parents don’t know the practical steps needed to achieve this goal. 

In this article, I share with parents practical steps they can take to raise kingdom-minded children! 

If you are having a challenging time in this area, or desire more tips to achieve this, this article is for you! 

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I love my babies, but I have to admit; getting a grasp on motherhood was a challenge for me. I was fortunate to have such a great example from my mom and I simply wanted to emulate her. She was (and still is) loving, kind, compassionate, giving, nurturing: I could go on and on about her. I always say that she was my assigned guardian angel on earth because her heart is like pure gold.

It’s her teaching and examples that have helped me to be the mother that I am today. We have the BEST relationship and we always have. All of my siblings have a great relationship with her as well.

I have learned this isn’t the case for everyone. Some don’t have a positive relationship with their mothers, or they don’t like the example that their mother set for them. But guess what? You have the power to create your own story and create the relationship with your children that you desire.

A relationship where you are able to show your authority and guidance as the parent but also have an unbreakable bond with your child. Having a great example to emulate, utilizing prayer, and learning from my experiences has allowed me to be able to successfully manage the reigns of motherhood. Now I want to help you!

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All four of my children are different!

I have had to learn how to differentiate how I respond to each of them, discipline them, show them love (as they also have different love languages), and building relationships with them in ways that are meaningful to them. I don’t take it lightly that I was chosen to be their mother, but I am forever grateful that God trusted me with their lives. What an honor!  

Being a mother isn’t a chore, and it definitely shouldn’t be a burden. It’s one of the most important responsibilities you will have on this earth. To help shape the lives of the young men and ladies that have been gifted to you.

There are so many components involved with being a mother. For that reason, I have broken down all of the components of motherhood into the “5 Pillars of Motherhood”

 As you go through different seasons of motherhood, you may only need to focus on one pillar at a time. I want you to be able to easily access the information that you need. But let’s break down these pillars first!




Being an effective mother is a self-less act that must be rooted in love. Loving your children means you will show them patience, kindness, acceptance, nurture and forgiveness. You must also love yourself as you grow and go through your seasons of motherhood. This pillar will help you understand your role as a mother while also providing you with strategies and steps that help you create the best relationship with your child.
This pillar will cover topics such as: How to instill values in your children? What does it mean to be a mother? How to support your child who is dealing with mental illness?



Motherhood will bring overwhelming moments. You can’t get away from them! Children have a way of trying to take up all of your time. Believe it or not, your only role in life is not just to be a mother. Balancing all of your roles and taking care of you is imperative when striving to be the best mother you can be. This pillar will help you to be able to effectively prosper in all of your roles as a woman.
This pillar will cover topics such as: The importance of self-care. How to pursue your dreams and goals without neglecting your responsibilities as a mother? How to balance work responsibilities?

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Setting clearly defined expectations between yourself and your children, is a foundational technique needed to set the tone in your relationship. This includes implementing discipline strategies, being consistent with your child(ren), building a relationship with your child but not losing your authority as the parent. This pillar will help you to be able to create healthy and clear boundaries with your child(ren).
This pillar will cover topics such as: How to discipline my child? When do I start setting boundaries? How to set healthy expectations for my child? How to minimize and avoid power struggles with my child?

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Every season of motherhood calls for different levels of organization. Setting routine, pre-planning, and creating systems for yourself, children and household benefits everyone. Having tailor-made systems for your household will help you with day-to-day tasks and reduce moments of feeling overwhelmed and/or frustrated. This pillar will help you to become confident and successful in creating systems that can adjust with each season of motherhood.
This pillar will cover topics such as: How to create a morning routine? What chores are appropriate for my child? Using checklists for tracking progress.

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As children of God, it is imperative that we raise our children to be kingdom focused. Our children must know what it means to be in the world but not of the world. Each child was created for a purpose identified by God. It is our job as mothers to be able to help our children identify that purpose and train them up the way God desires. This pillar will help you to confidently raise your children according to scripture while being able to maneuver through the cares of this world.
This pillar will cover topics such as: Teaching children how to pray. Importance of spending time with God. How to teach my child to reverence God? How to support my child dealing with spiritual warfare?

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We know you want to see what resources and coaching options that Kelley Bell Consulting will be providing for moms, but you’re going to have to be patient for a little while longer.

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