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Have you been looking for ways to transform your marriage? Not sure how to do it? Well, this book has the answer to your questions.

God's Marriage or My Marriage is a how-to guide to create a marriage that is pleasing to God yet gratifying to you.  

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Marriage is a great thing, but I can’t say I always saw it that way as challenges arose in my marriage.

No matter what challenges we faced, I was determined to not give up.  When we did face challenges, I was eager to find like minded women to talk to for advice.  Many times they would not be fully transparent with me about what they faced in their marriage, or they didn't really have any advice for me that I could apply to my marriage.

Sometimes women would just direct me to scriptures from the Bible or tell me to just pray about my marriage.  I believe in the power of prayer but I also knew that I must combine my faith with work. 

At the time, I knew scriptures and I knew how to pray, but I didn’t know what to do when certain challenges arose in my marriage.  I didn’t know what to do when I realized I really wasn’t the best wife for my husband. 

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for someone to give me practical steps in combination with biblical principles to help me navigate the journey of marriage. I needed someone to be transparent with me on what really takes place within a marriage.

Those feelings pushed me to fight for my marriage like never before. I was determined to create a thriving marriage. Once I created a thriving marriage, I wanted to help other women create a thriving message. 

I started a journey with God that was emotional, challenging, at times lonely, but I learned what it really meant to be a wife that pleased God. I never thought that learning how to be a wife that resembles God’s love and grace would draw me closer to God in the way that it did.

Learning how to have better control of my emotions, how to effectively deal with past hurt, to truly self-reflect and deal with my personal issues; changed my life and my marriage.  

Are you ready to do the same?