"A powerful and candid guide to create a marriage that is pleasing to God and gratifying for you!" 


Stephanie (Kelly) Lewis 

LPCC- Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

This is an easy read that feels like a conversation with a girlfriend about what we don't say about our marriages over coffee or wine, but what we try to sift through alone in our war rooms, without a clue as to our role nor our power.


In this text and in coaching, Kelley as always promotes our need to focus and anchor in God. You will experience her efforts to anchor us in God's will and desires for us in marriage through scripture, self disclosure, and self reflective exercises. 




-Married 16 Years

The author is easy going, open, frank and honest! She pushed me to think about hard questions. Questions I didn't want to answer because the answers made me look bad and I didn't want to write those answers. 

After reading this book, I realized I have a lot to change. A whole lot! I wonder now WHO really has been the problem! Was it me???!!! The mindset change is accepting the fact that I, too, play a part in the problems in our marriage. It's not just him, though I've gladly pointed the finger at him and played the victim with Oscsar-winning style. 


Jessica Williams 

- Married 9 Years

I love what an easy read it is! Kelley comes across as transparent, compassionate and real! She is straight to the point all while incorporating scripture to guide us through our journey with God, ourselves and our spouse!


This book not only helps you with your marriage, but it also shows you how to better prioritize your time between being a mother, a wife and an individual. As a woman that has been married for 9 years, and mother of 2 very active teenagers, it's easy to forget to have "me time", or "self-care".

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I able to see a sample of the book before purchasing? 

Free samples of the book are available! 

2. If I am in an abusive relationship, will this book help me?

If you are in any form of an abusive relationship, we recommend you first seeking assistance and/or shelter to ensure your safety.

Our tips and strategies will help women build a more intimate relationship with God, but we recommend these strategies be applied in a safe environment.

3. What topics will be covered in this book? 

  •  How to apply God's view of marriage to your marriage.

  •  How your perception affects your views on marriage.

  •  The keys to a successful marriage.

  •  How to create effective communication with your spouse.

  •  How to apply faith in your marriage.

  • The importance of sex in your marriage.

  • The importance of not losing yourself in your marriage. 

4. Will this book guarantee that my marriage will be successful? 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the success of your marriage. What we can guarantee, is that if you go through this process, wholeheartedly completing all tasks, and doing the work, you will see a transformation in yourself as a wife. Successful application of the strategies mentioned in this book, will aid in the success of your marriage. 

5. How long will it take to see results after applying these strategies?

Applying these strategies in your marriage is truly a process. Your marriage did not get in the state it is overnight. This process begins with changing your mindset on different areas in your marriage. The order of the chapters are systematically placed as a guide through this journey. Results are based on your willingness to accept and acknowledge your needed areas of growth. It can move as quickly or as slowly as you need it to.

6. Will this book help me if I am single or engaged? 

Yes! Many time people hear that marriage takes "work". This book will give you a better understanding of what that "work" looks like. This book will guide you in transforming your mindset and approach to your future marriage. It will also aid you in becoming an amazing wife! 

7. Where can I purchase the book? 

You may purchase paperback copies from Amazon and hardcover copies from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


The eBook version of the book is available on Kindle, Apple Book, Barnes & Noble Nook and other major eBook platforms. 

The workbook edition is available at Amazon. 


Signed copies from the Author may be purchased on this site by selecting the "Order Now" button below. 

8. Do I need to buy the Workbook Edition of the book? 

If your goal is to make a change in your marriage, we highly recommend you purchase the workbook edition of the book to accompany the eBook version. The workbook edition provides self-reflective questions and activities to further enhance the material learned in each chapter. 

When you purchase the paperback or hardcover version of the book, the self-reflective questions and activities are already included. 

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