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Pursue HER 

Heroic | Empowered | Resilient 


" This is a soul stirring read!" 

- Anonymous (Married 16 years)

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Have you been looking for ways to transform your marriage? Well look no further!

While marriage takes the work of two, there are things that you can do to change the trajectory of your relationship. This book will teach you how to combine biblical principles with effective relationships skills. Learning how to do this will allow you to create a marriage that is pleasing to God and gratifying for you! 

In each chapter of this book, the author takes you on a personal journey of her experience creating a healthy marriage. She also provides you with thought provoking questions and tasks that will help you to apply the strategies discussed to your marriage. 

Let's go on this journey together! 



Are you doing your part?

Some parents are trying to raise their children to be successful in society, love God, and be a positive representation of the Kingdom of God. Many parents love their children, but many parents don’t know the practical steps needed to achieve this goal. 

In this article, I share with parents practical steps they can take to raise kingdom-minded children! 

If you are having a challenging time in this area, or desire more tips to achieve this, this article is for you! 

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Welcome Mother's and Wives!  Search no further ladies. The answers that you have been looking for are here!

The goal of Kelley Bell Consulting is to strengthen and repair the family unit by developing the roles of Mother's and Wives.  By utilizing the Pursue HER method, we are committed to join Mother's and Wives on their journey of Marriage and Motherhood. 

Transparency is Key! 

Can you spare a few minutes to listen to the heart of our founder?


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Heroic | Empowered | Resilient 


Pursue HER   is a method used by KBConsulting that consists of a number of actionable steps that women will take to create the best version of themselves. 

Women will learn how to be Heroic, Empowered and Resilient as Mother's and Wives. 




The journey of motherhood is different for everyone.

Here's the thing ladies; each household and each mother/child relationship will look different as there are different circumstances, previous life experiences and situations that impact that relationship.

Regardless of where you are in your season of motherhood, I would love to help you simplify some of the challenges you will face as a mother. Who said you had to face those challenges alone? Let's apply the Pursue HER method to your journey of motherhood!



Do you feel like your marriage is missing something? 

Are you having a hard time connecting with your husband emotionally and/or physically? 

Do you just want help becoming a better wife? 

While marriage is a journey that takes the work of two, we are focused on working with you. Good news ladies; there are aspects of your marriage that you can control! Let's go on this journey together to Pursue HER as wives.



Kelley is able to light up a room through her empowering words that she shares at any setting. Panel discussions, Workshops, Seminars, Women Breakfast/Brunch and Women Conferences' are a list of events Kelley has been able to shift her listeners perspective. Women leave these events ready to Pursue HER!  If you're ready for true authenticity, transparency, and encouragement; book her now!

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What They’re Saying about our Coaching!

For confidentiality purposes, all names have been redacted and replaced with the location of where clients live.

"If you're looking for a compassionate, empathetic, yet always honest perspective,  Kelley Bell is the women you are looking for in your life. Kelley has provided inspiration and unconditional support through many important crossroads - work, marriage, children, education... and more. "

- Orlando, Florida

" I highly recommend Kelley Bell Consulting. Kelley is positive, caring, and motivating. Her transparency about her own life will help you to understand that you are not alone. She has encouraged and pushed me to step out and believe in myself to do the impossible. Not only has she encouraged me to walk out my purpose in life, she also demonstrates it in her own life. One of my favorite lines from Kelley is, "No PITY parties. You got this and you are going to make it."

- Orlando, Florida 

"I was referred to Kelley by a friend of mine. At the start of my work with Kelley, I was fragile in love, myself, and in God. I did not realize how fragile I was in these three core areas of my existence, until Kelley exposed a level of power within me that I never imagined.
She taught me how to pray with intention, how to remove my hope in what the flesh could do and anchor my hope in God so He could use me. Experiencing her spiritual intuition coupled with her unwavering faith felt like having a personal guardian angel.
I walked softer in my pain, I became fixated on my faith knowing that it would wash away my fear. By doing that, each of the fragile areas of my life became my strength. Kelley helped me to see that what I thought was breaking down in my life was in fact being rebuilt. This breakdown was actually me surrendering to God's will and burying mine. Thank you Kelley! You honestly partnered with God in saving my life and I am eternally grateful for Him using you to get to me."

- Cleveland, Ohio

"Kelley has been such a saving grace. She has a pure spirit and a servant's heart. Her goal is to help you so get ready for some hard truths but don't worry because she wraps it all in love. I'm eternally grateful for her because she helped me navigate through one of the most difficult seasons in my life. I consider her to be one of my earthly angels! She helped me shift my mindset, l learned how to better communicate with my husband as well as applying organizational tips to help me navigate being a mom of two small children."

- Birmingham, Alabama