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Helping you navigate your journey of Kingdom Purpose, Marriage, or Motherhood!

Pursue HER 

Heroic | Empowered | Resilient 


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Strengthen Your Family


I am Kelley Bell, here to guide you on 

your journey of:

Kingdom Purpose | Marriage | Motherhood

The journey of finding your Kingdom Purpose, Motherhood, or Marriage can be challenging, but who said you had to do it alone? 

Join my community of Heroic, Empowered, and Resilient women for monthly strategies and exclusive updates on upcoming resources. 

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Your Journey Begins Here

I teach individuals how to navigate their journey of Kingdom Purpose by redefining their identity in Christ.

I teach wives and wives to be, how to combine biblical principles along with effective relationships skills.

I teach mothers how to simplify and overcome the challenges of motherhood.

Pursue HER Coaching 

Heroic | Empowered | Resilient 


Pursue HER  is a method used by Kelley Bell Consulting that consists of a number of actionable steps that women will take to create the best version of themselves. 

Rather you are a mother, wife, or wife to be, you will learn how to be Heroic, Empowered, and Resilient within those roles. 

Will you allow me to go on this journey with you? 



"Kelley has been such a saving grace. She has a pure spirit and a servant's heart. Her goal is to help you so get ready for some hard truths but don't worry because she wraps it all in love. I'm eternally grateful for her because she helped me navigate through one of the most difficult seasons in my life. I consider her to be one of my earthly angels! She helped me shift my mindset, l learned how to better communicate with my husband as well as applying organizational tips to help me navigate being a mom of two small children."

- Birmingham, Alabama

"I was referred to Kelley by a friend of mine. At the start of my work with Kelley, I was fragile in love, myself, and in God. I did not realize how fragile I was in these three core areas of my existence until Kelley exposed a level of power within me that I never imagined.
She taught me how to pray with intention, how to remove my hope in what the flesh could do, and anchor my hope in God so He could use me. Experiencing her spiritual intuition coupled with her unwavering faith felt like having a personal guardian angel.
I walked softer in my pain, I became fixated on my faith knowing that it would wash away my fear. By doing that, each of the fragile areas of my life became my strength. Kelley helped me to see that what I thought was breaking down in my life was in fact being rebuilt. This breakdown was actually me surrendering to God's will and burying mine. Thank you, Kelley! You honestly partnered with God in saving my life and I am eternally grateful for Him using you to get to me."

- Cleveland, Ohio

"If you're looking for a compassionate, empathetic, yet always honest perspective,  Kelley Bell is the woman you are looking for in your life. Kelley has provided inspiration and unconditional support through many important crossroads - work, marriage, children, education... and more. "

- Orlando, Florida

For confidentiality purposes, all names have been redacted and replaced with the location of where clients live.

Training and Personal Development  

You have been looking for resources to help you on your journey of Kingdom Purpose, Marriage, or Motherhood. Something that will give you practical steps that you can apply in the comforts of your home, and at your own pace! 

Kelley brings life experiences as a wife, mother, Certified Life Coach, Elder and educator. She holds multiple degrees in Education, Biblical Studies, and Leadership. This knowledge affords Kelley the ability to create easily accessible resources to help you reach your goals. 


No matter where you are in your journey, let's take this next step together!


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"This is a soul-stirring read! The author pushed me to think about hard questions. Sometimes I didn’t want to answer the self-reflective questions because the answers made me look bad. I didn’t want to write those answers. But those were the questions that needed answers so that I could see problem areas and see where adjustments need to be made in my marriage. Every Christian wife and soon-to-be wife will find God’s Marriage or My Marriage a template on what to look for in a God-centered marriage."

- Orlando, Florida - Married 16 Years 


"When I heard Kelley's story I saw myself! I was born and raised in the church but still missing intricate details in my walk as a mother and a wife. I didn't have all the answers and was seeking guidance and encouragement. That's exactly what I found when I visited Kelley's website. I'm currently divorced and co-parenting with my ex-husband with raising our three children. I read Kelley's download on '" Raising Kingdom-Minded Children" and it clearly laid out to me the things I need to work on, but it also showed me that I'm doing a great job as well! "

- Atlanta, Georgia - Divorcee, Mom

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Bookings and Appearances

Kelley is able to light up a room through the empowering words that she shares in any setting. Panel discussions, Workshops, Seminars, Women's Breakfast/Brunch, and Women Conferences' are a list of events Kelley has been able to shift her listeners perspective. Women leave these events ready to Pursue HER! 


Kelley isn't only limited to reaching her audience of women. God has gifted her the ability to teach mind-shifting sermons that leave her listeners with applicable kingdom-minded strategies. 


If you're ready for transparency, actionable steps, accurate exegesis of the Bible, and/or encouragement, book her now!

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Pursue HER Podcast 

Tune in twice a month for episodes that will empower women to Pursue HER: to be Heroic, Empowered, and Resilient as Mothers and Wives.


Your host, Kelley, will not only share her personal journey of marriage and motherhood, but she will also give women effective tips and strategies to apply to their personal journey of marriage and motherhood. 


It's time for a little talk! Will you join her?  

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