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The Pursue HER Book Bundle includes both the Pursue HER book and the Pursue HER Workbook with video access. 




Women juggle multiple roles, and at times, they unintentionally put their role as daughters of God at the bottom of their to-do list. In order for women to operate effectively in their responsibilities, they must intentionally focus on their relationship with God. They must use their purpose, defined by Him, as the foundation upon which they live their lives.


As His daughter, you must live boldly while pursuing being Heroic, Empowered, and Resilient. So, how do you do that while overcoming the cares of this world?


Pursue HER gives you the keys and strategies to understanding:

  • How to walk in your Kingdom authority
  • How to live an empowered life
  • How to balance multiple roles


Join Kelley as she provides practical steps and biblical principles to apply to your journey of Living Boldly As A Daughter of God. This workbook provides:

  • Transformative self-reflective activities
  • Multiple videos from Kelley to guide you step-by-step
  • Tips and strategies to apply to your life


Are you ready to walk in the power God has given you and to allow Him to use your life for His glory?

Pursue HER - Book Bundle

Expected to be shipped at the end of August.
  • Please note that all sales are final. Before pre-ordering these books, ensure you are ready to go to your next level as a daughter of God. 

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