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Pursue HER Coaching

Embracing the journey of becoming HER - Heroic, Empowered and Resilient 

Coaching for Women Desiring Marriage 

For women who are engaged or dating intentionally to become a wife.

What does it mean to be a wife?  Are you approaching marriage correctly? 


No marriages are the same, and you cannot predict the events that will take place in your marriage.  However, you should know the foundational principles of a successful marriage before saying, “I Do!” Unfortunately, I went into my marriage with many unrealistic expectations and did what I “thought” a wife was supposed to do. 


While challenges are inevitable in marriage, you can be proactive by learning successful implementation of biblical principles and practical relationship skills.  I would love the opportunity to guide you through your journey of becoming a wife based on God’s intention. 


Coaching for Wives 

Do you feel like your marriage is missing something? 

Are you having a hard time connecting with your husband emotionally and/or physically? 

Do you just want help becoming a better wife? 

While marriage is a journey that takes the work of two, we will focus on you. Good news ladies; there are aspects of your marriage that you can control!


Let's go on this journey together to Pursue HER as wives.

Coaching for Mothers 

The journey of motherhood is different for everyone.

Each household and each mother/child relationship will look different as there are different circumstances, previous life experiences, and situations that impact that relationship.​


Regardless of where you are in your season of motherhood, I would love to help you simplify some of the challenges you will face as a mother.


Let's apply the Pursue HER method to your journey of motherhood!

Coaching for Women

Maybe you aren't a wife or a mother but you are a woman who is looking for guidance in being a woman, being a daughter of God, and trying to figure out what that looks like. 


Life experiences shape people in ways that they don't initially realize. But regardless of what situations you may currently be facing, you have the power to change the trajectory of your life. 


If you are ready for a judgment-free zone where you can be empowered for the next season of your life, then click the button below and schedule your discovery call today!  


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Join my community of Heroic, Empowered, and Resilient women for monthly strategies and exclusive updates on upcoming resources. 

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